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The Hoopla About HOOPLA Polishes

Hey darlings, today I have some beautiful Hoopla polishes to show you. If you don't know about Hoopla here's a little about Hoopla Studios.HOOPLA is sophisticated fun in the form of manis, pedis, waxing and chair massages! We want you to let loose and go a little nutty in choosing one (or many) of our signature, HOOPLA mini-polishes. ​We provide fun and refreshing services in a place where busy customers can pop-in or schedule an appointment. A brief respite can be just the thing to lift spirits and energize fast-paced lives. We hope you enjoy the HOOPLA as much as we do.So here are the Hoopla mini polishes I get to show you.

You have to log on to get the details at

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