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The Cheap Chica's Guide To Style

We could always do with another nail polish (or two...or three). There's no better way to update your look on a budget than with a new nail polish, or at least that's always been our thinking.

This is one of the (many) reasons why we love learning about a new polish line. There's really nothing more exciting than discovering a whole new slew of colors, not to mention their super fun names.

Hoopla Studio is our new favorite line. Aside from their great color names (Barbie Daze, Daily Latte, Country Club Life), the polishes are also available individually for $8, or in a multi-color three pack for only $22.

If you're in Kansas, you can visit Hoopla Studio's shop for a mani-pedi in your new favorite hue. Otherwise, all colors can be ordered online.

Now do you understand our obsession with new nail polish?

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Cheap Chica's Guide to Style

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