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Kansas SalonDoes Things Its Own Way​

With its own brand of polish, complimentary products, and parties, Fairway, Kan.-based Hoopla offers a twist on the traditional salon experience.

The concept for Hoopla was dreamed up on a playground, where co-owners Megan Thornberry and Molly Maxwell met three years ago. They’d sat side-by-side watching their young sons play for weeks before bonding over a love for nail services.

Thornberry was a trial lawyer for 15 years and Maxwell had worked in New York as a clinical social worker. Both frequented salons but soon grew tired of what they knew and were sparked to change the market.

“We decided to open a salon that we’d personally like to go to; one that would be healthy, clean, and something new,” says Thornberry. “We wanted to offer people a different option.” In July 2012, Thornberry and Maxwell opened Hoopla in their hometown of Fairway, Kan., blocks away from Kansas City.

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