You have questions? HOOPLA has answers.
How do HOOPLA manis and pedis work?
1) You handpick your HOOPLA mini-polish color.
2) Then select your service (a mani or pedi – or better yet, both)!

What can I expect when I walk through the HOOPLA door?
A warm welcome and the feeling of comfort and energy from the moment you enter HOOPLA! ​ We’re happy to guide you through the services that best match your needs. We want it to be fun!
I’m a nail virgin, what can I expect?
Never had your nails done before and nervous? Just let us know, and we’re happy to walk you through the HOOPLA choices and process.  It should never feel intimidating or scary – this should be fun! Everyone has their first – we hope HOOPLA is yours.

Why doesn’t HOOPLA do acrylic nails?
We feel “natural nails” are healthier and more hygienic.  We strive to provide clients with the best services, which include cleanliness, attention to detail and HOOPLA mini- polish.

What can I expect with a wax?
HOOPLA offers the best quality hard and soft wax, which allows for more thorough hair removal, without as much pain!  From brows and chins to bikinis and backs – we do it all!
What’s the difference between a bikini and brazilian wax?
A bikini wax will clean-up your “down there” area, so you feel comfortable wearing your cute undies and swimsuit. A brazilian can either be defined as simply leaving a “landing strip” of hair down there, or for the most adventurious, the “full monty” – you’ll be hair-free and carefree!

What’s a chair massage?
Your neck and shoulders tense? Um, yes! This is the best indulgence you could ever give yourself!  While your mani or pedi dries, relax into a HOOPLA massage chair (fully clothed) for $1 a minute of sheer escape. Or, if you only have time to pop in for what we fondly refer to as a “chairsage,” that’s fantastic too!  You’ll walk away a new person. Thank you, HOOPLA!

Are men welcome at HOOPLA?
Absolutely!  Let’s face it, men may need a mani and/or pedi more than we do!  Men: choose a HOOPLA mini-polish, just a clear top coat, or go with the “in the buff” service, which doesn’t include polish, but a soak, trim, file and buff (the buffing of the natural oils in your nails creates a shiny effect). And, it may not be talked about, but there’s some serious manscaping that can be done on any man.  Or, just bring your guy in with you for a couples mani and/or pedi – he’ll dig the personal treatment and time spent with you!
What if I’m dissatisfied?
Please let HOOPLA know immediately if you’re not happy with a service or experience. We want to create the best experience possible, and if you’re not having it – we want to know!   Contact HOOPLA's General Manager at or The Kansas Board of Cosmetology is located at 714 SW Jackson, Suite 100, Topeka, KS 66603, 785.296.3155.